Sleuth (DOS Game from the 80s) reinterpreted in Javascript!

Play Sleuth JS.

I`m sure lots of you out there remember the excellent DOS game Sleuth, which was written by Eric N. Miller in the 1980s. I absolutely loved it, and still play it at Christmas with the family. Unfortunately, it requires an emulator to run nowadays, which can be a bit fiddly.

I recently had a little bit of free time, so I coded up a clone of Sleuth that works in Javascript, so anyone with a vaguely decent browser can play it. I emailed Eric Miller, and he very kindly allowed me to release it with the name SleuthJS. It`s inspired by Sleuth, but it`s written pretty much from memory, so none of the text is the same. Dr. Miller`s DOS version still has far superior narrative, so that is definitely worth a look too if you`ve got a copy of Dosbox.

Check it out here: Sleuth JS.